“Do not fall in love with people like me; we will take you to museums and parks and monuments and kiss you in every beautiful place so that you can never go back to them without tasting us like blood in your mouth”.


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You know what everyone’s fucking problem is?

We’re all out to find the one. Isn’t that the grand adventure of love? To find someone you’re going to love for the rest of forever? To be with and keep your heart for all of eternity? For most that’s the goal. Some people tend to this goal with sense, knowing that not every person they meet will be the one, or every person they even date. Some people acknowledge that there will be many “ones”, and that they will come and go and some relationships just have an expiration date. This is sense. However, there are the people who are die-hard must-find-love, cliche-loving, emotionally naive people that think the romantic world hates them because they don’t go about relationships and this whole search for eternal love with common fucking sense. They want someone to do cute shit with me who will hold my hand and rub my back and love me and buy me pizza and play video games and hold the door for me and give me their sweater and tell me I’m pretty with no make-up on and this that and the other thing just a bunch of meaningless bullshit. Problem number one) If you spend your life looking for -things-, looking for these shallow, cliche qualities, you will not find love, you will find mediocre satisfaction for your little teenage capacity to understand true guardianship of another persons heart and soul. Any old person can do nice things for you. That doesn’t mean they light your fire, or as some would say, get your ship wet. Problem two) IF YOU TREAT EVERY PERSON YOU DATE LIKE THEY ARE “THE ONE” YOU WILL NEVER BE HAPPY, YOU WILL NEVER DIFFERENTIATE ANY SIGNIFICANCE FROM ONE PERSON TO ANOTHER, BECAUSE YOU ARE TRYING TO INFLATE SMALL, WHAT SHOULD BE INSIGNIFICANT ENCOUNTERS WITH PEOPLE INTO THESE WONDERFUL RELATIONSHIPS OF SUCH GRANDEUR AND DEPTH WHEN IN REALITY THEY ARE NOTHING MORE THAN FLEETING INFATUATIONS, INTERESTS, ETC. And there is nothing wrong with such relationships. Dating for experience, for the hell of it, for opportunity, for new and fresh starts is all fun and dandy. But not every little fucking involvement you have with someone will be your last, your end-all be-all. 

You all walk around so unhappy, unsatisfied, wondering what you’re doing wrong. Learn to be alone, learn to accept that not every person you like will be with you forever, or even until morning. Maybe if you take time to break away from a habitual serial-monogamist lifestyle for the simple fear of being alone or the obsession with the chase of finding and keeping the “one”, you might find a kind of happiness you didn’t think existed outside of your chain-myself-to-the-first-person-that-looks-at-me-with-an-interested-eye mindset. 

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